The Royal Academy of Archaeology of Belgium is a non-profit organization founded in 1842. The identification number of the Academy is 240/34 and the business number is 408088106. The Academy is registered in Brussels and is placed under the Gracious Protection of His Majesty the King.
The Academy wishes to stimulate scientific research in the fields of archaeology, history of art and related disciplines.
In order to realize these aims, the Academy regularly organizes meetings and publishes the internationally esteemed Revue Belge d'Archéologie et d'Histoire de l'Art. The Indices covering the period 1931-1990 have been published as a supplement to volume LXI (1992).
The Academy wishes to compile an up-to-date bibliography of the history of the national art. Until 2002 this invaluable research tool was published in the Revue. Subsequently it was transferred to the page Bibliography of this website. However from 2008 onwards this initiative was temporarily suspended due to lack of collaborators.
Every three years the Academy grants the Simone Bergmans Award to an unpublished study on the history of our national art e.g. an artist, a work of art, an area or an aspect of humanism in Belgium. The rules and regulations of the award can be consulted on this website.