The Royal Academy of Archaeology of Belgium publishes an annual bibliography of the scientific research in the field of the history of the national art. It consists of data on publications about the fine and applied arts from the former Southern Netherlands, the principality of Liege and for the modern times, the territory of Belgium.
Until 2002, this bibliography was published in the Revue Belge d'Archéologie et d'Histoire de l'Art - Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Oudheidkunde en Kunstgeschiedenist. Thanks to the support of the King Baudouin Foundation this bibliography can now be consulted on this website.
The new possibilities, which are offered by the digitalisation and the thorough methodological evolution within the history of art during the last decennia, caused a profound reflection on the concept of the bibliography. Its consequences will become clear during the following years.
Each bibliographer is well aware of the restrictions of his work. No bibliography is complete. Completeness is aimed at for the monographs. For the analysis of journals some restrictions were imposed. The bibliography is realized thanks to C. Neméghaire and D. Goffaux.
The redaction of the bibliography highly appreciates each addition, rectification or suggestion. The redaction of the bibliography can be contacted at biblio@acad.be

You will find a hyperlink to the bibliography at the bottom of the page. The research engine is not yet completely developped. It is regularly adapted. All suggestions to improve it are welcom at  biblio@acad.be  The number of bibliographic references is still limited but grows nearly every day.
Due to lack of collaborators this project has been temporarely suspende in 2008.

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